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Q.     Is a person automatically dismissed from serving on a jury if they are acquainted with one of the parties in the case?
A.     No, the juror would be asked if he/she can place that knowledge aside and be fair and impartial to both sides.

Q.     Are prospective jurors selected by people in the legal system according to some secret criteria?
A.     No, prospective jurors, called venireman, are randomly selected from voter or driver registration lists in their county. It is strictly luck of the draw.

Q.     Do all jury trials last several weeks?
A.     Depending on the type of case, most jury trials only take a couple of days. However, cases which involve complex issues can take weeks to present to the jury.

Q.     Who is eligible to be a juror?
A.     Jurors must be a citizen of the United States and Texas; at least 18 years of age; reside in the county of jury service; be able to read and write; and be of sound mind.

Q.     Will I be paid for being a juror?
A.     Yes, you will be paid a minimum of $6.00 per day until released.

Q.     Do attorneys only pick jurors with a college degree?
A.     No. The main thing attorneys are looking for from potential jurors is the ability to be open to both sides of a case.

Q.     Who cannot serve on a jury?
A.     You cannot serve on a jury if you have been convicted of a felony or of any type of theft; you are now on probation, deferred adjudication or under indictment for a felony or now under criminal charges for any type of theft.

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