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    Litigation of the Death Penalty is the ultimate test of an attorney and his office. Mr. Makin has been involved as lead council in 20 Death Penalty cases. Of those 20 cases, only one person ended up on death row. No matter what your opinion on the Death Penalty is, experience and qualifications should be foremost in choosing an attorney. Mr. Makin has that experience and qualifications.

January - February 2008 - Federal Capital Murder
Murder in a U.S. Prison in 1999
Preparation involved travel to 34 Federal Correctional Complexes in 14 states. After a 2-month trial, on February 27, 2008 the jury, after over 23 hours of deliberation, announced it was deadlocked and the judge imposed a life sentence.

April 23, 2009
Gang shooting acquittal
Jurors acquitted 23-year-old Albert Wilson of a 2002 Port Arthur shooting that witnesses and prosecutors described as a gang initiation
Jury Verdict - NOT GUILTY

November 2016
Double murder acquittal
Desmond Nixon was found not guilty of a double murder. Mr. Nixon was also found not guilty of the lesser included murder charge.

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