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    Lynda Kay Makin, James' wife and the Legal Administrator of the office, is responsible for payment plans and invoicing. She has worked with James for over 21 years.

    Georgia, Paralegal, is responsible for appointment scheduling, general information and trial preparation. She has worked with the office for 11 years, with over 28 years legal experience.


    It's not every law office that you enter where you are greeted by a large friendly Yellow Labrador Retriever. We have been fortunate to have had two gentle Labs that love going to work every day and home with us every night. Having a dog in the office makes for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and our clients are all glad to be welcomed by our four-legged staff member.

Max "The Law Dog"
  (11/4/04 - 4/20/17)

    It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Max. Max had a degenerative nerve disease that progressed.

For 12 years Max worked as the Official Greeter for the law office, providing love, advice and making friends with everyone he met. Since coming into our life, Max's picture has appeared on our website, the weekly Examiner article Expert Advice and every phone book advertising the law office.

He was featured in articles in the Enterprise and VIP magazines. His smile, gentle nature and tail wags will be missed by us all.

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Going To The Dogs - Legal Labrador Proves Field of Law Is As Frisky As Ever
by Holli Peterson

Kodi "The Law Dog"
  (4/4/92 - 11/11/04)

    A true friend, a constant companion and a trusted guard dog. Kodi was of mild and understanding temperament, from greeting clients at the door, to offering his head for that reassuring pat in times of trouble, he was the complete office dog. Yet, he went beyond that, in those few instances when it was needed, he was there for security.

    His portrait hangs in the office and he is truly missed.


    Our office building was constructed in 1907 by Joseph and Frank Rosenthal. The brothers owned and operated "Rosenthals Dry Goods Co." which became "The White House" department store in later years. The Rosenthal Furniture Company manufactured furniture on 4th Street in Beaumont until the early 1970's (a Rosenthal curio cabinet is in the conference room). The home features French doors with leaded beveled glass, three staircases and true-to-the-era light fixtures. The gas logs in the fireplace were shipped in from England by the Rosenthals when the home was built and are still functional.

    Frank, his wife Sadie, daughter Sarah, and Joseph lived in the house until their deaths. Joseph was the last to pass in 1953. Joseph never married, died in what is now James' office and is the ghost that has been seen and heard in the upper floors.

    The original oil painting of "Sam Houston - Battle of San Jacinto" hangs over the fireplace. This was commissioned by the Makins, with artist Jerry Newman rendering this historically accurate and compelling picture of the Father of Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto.

    The stained glass surrounding the front door and many of the pieces in the building are originals dating in the 17th Century from Tichborne Abby, England. The panels on either side of the front door include the Latin phrases PUGNA PRO PATRIA (Fight for Homeland) and VIRTUS BASIS VITAE (Virtue is Basis of Life). At another location in the office the stained glass has the phrase TENEZ LE VRAYE (Hold the Truth- Latin/French Derivation) .

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