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“The Right of the people…Shall not be violated…”
“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

-Albert Einstein

James Makin represents citizens for all criminal offenses. Every citizen accused of a criminal offense should actively pursue all avenues of legal remedies and only make fully-informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Mr. Makin has negotiated thousands of cases and picked over 500 juries in his 40 plus years of experience. He represents all citizens accused of crimes in State and Federal Court in a three-county area (Jefferson, Hardin & Orange)


The Law Office of James R. Makin has successfully represented clients in every court in Southeast Texas for over 40 years. James is Board Certified in Criminal Law and specializes in criminal defense including misdemeanors and felonies in all courts both state and federal.

To quote James: “I believe the most important duty of a criminal Defense Attorney is to be a good communicator. You must be able to fully explain to the client, to negotiate with the prosecutor and most importantly, tell the client’s story to a jury. Yes, you have to know the law, be prepared and fully see the total picture of all actions and consequences, but if you don’t communicate, then it is all wasted. My staff and I place this communication as a number one priority.”

James has been a criminal defense attorney for over 40 years, and in his present location for over 27 years. He has handled thousands of cases in State and Federal courts in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange counties.

James is a husband, father of four children and grandfather of ten. He was raised in Beaumont and is actively involved in the community.


Litigation of the Death Penalty is the ultimate test of an attorney and his staff. Mr. Makin has been involved as lead defense attorney in

26 Death Penalty cases, of which 2 are on death row & 1 executed.

After many years of defending Death penalty cases, Mr. Makin has retired from handling death penalty cases.

No matter what your opinion is on the Death Penalty, experience and qualifications should be foremost in choosing an attorney. Mr. Makin has that experience and qualifications.


I found myself backed into difficult spot due to several bad decisions I made in my life. It seemed that I was doomed to become another victim of bad choices and to become lost in the system like many other’s due after making poor choices. I reached out to Mr. Makin and was honest about my situation and hired him and his team to represent me in my case. His office was very supportive and transparent from the beginning and was straightforward in everything. I might add that this was not my 1st time that I have found myself in legal trouble and knowing what I was up against was not easy to accept. Through hard work and dedication he was able to get me probation. I have since been successful going on 2 years. I have my freedom, family, and a great job. All of this seemed impossible before I called his office that afternoon. His staff Is 1st class and treated literally like family. His assistant Erin became part of my support group and encouraged me sometimes daily for several months. As I sit here on a paid holiday from work enjoying my family I wanted to reflect on how this was even made possible. The odds were definitely against me and I could have very easily been sitting somewhere else this Memorial Day. I was not paid anything to write this just wanted to share an honest experience with anyone who might find themselves facing legal felony troubles who can’t see how it could possibly work out in their favor.

Stephen N.

If you are in need of a lawyer this is the man to call. His team goes out of their way to help you and get you the best deal they can. The ladies in the office are very sweet and they treat you like family. They are always willing to do what they can to help you out.

Billy J.

I have known him for years and he has just always been an extremely awesome person and an even better attorney. He never fails to fight as hard as he can for his clients and stays beside them every step of the way. If I could give him 10 stars or more I would.

Veronica T.

What can I say 1# team in Beaumont TX thank y’all for everything you did for me

Johnathan H.

Great person and best lawyer in Beaumont!

Pattie H.

Awesome staff!!!

Melissa D.

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