Stephen N.

I found myself backed into difficult spot due to several bad decisions I made in my life. It seemed that I was doomed to become another victim of bad choices and to become lost in the system like many other’s due after making poor choices. I reached out to Mr. Makin and was honest about my situation and hired him and his team to represent me in my case. His office was very supportive and transparent from the beginning and was straightforward in everything. I might add that this was not my 1st time that I have found myself in legal trouble and knowing what I was up against was not easy to accept. Through hard work and dedication he was able to get me probation. I have since been successful going on 2 years. I have my freedom, family, and a great job. All of this seemed impossible before I called his office that afternoon. His staff Is 1st class and treated literally like family. His assistant Erin became part of my support group and encouraged me sometimes daily for several months. As I sit here on a paid holiday from work enjoying my family I wanted to reflect on how this was even made possible. The odds were definitely against me and I could have very easily been sitting somewhere else this Memorial Day. I was not paid anything to write this just wanted to share an honest experience with anyone who might find themselves facing legal felony troubles who can’t see how it could possibly work out in their favor.